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Managing a fleet of trucks is a complex job that demands a great deal of organizational and business skills. Between serving your customers, bookkeeping and tracking each of your drivers, the last thing you want to spend more time on is checking your registration and compliances. U.S. Compliance Services monitors your fleet’s registration compliance so you can spend more time serving your customers. 

U.S. Compliance Services offers advanced compliance solutions that manage your fleet’s registration through the Maryland Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) and National Department of Transportation (DOT). With us, you can quickly access your federal and state registration in the same place while monitoring your fleet and addressing potential problems before they arise.

List of Maryland Trucking Compliance Resources

U.S. Compliance Services offers and has partnered with complementary services to create compliance solutions that give you in-depth insights into your fleet’s registrations and performance. With the combined forces of all this innovative technology, you can keep a close eye on your fleet. We have the technology, insights and experience necessary to finish your fleet’s registrations successfully the first time. 

In addition to our services, we recommend using the official advice and resources of the Comptroller of Maryland and our collaborative electronic logging device (ELD) services with Nextraq. The following resources can help ensure your fleet fully complies with the law:

  • Comptroller of Maryland: Through the Comptroller of Maryland, you can file your International Fuel Tax Agreements (IFTA) through the Motor Fuel Tax registration portal. Your application should be reviewed and responded to within only two weeks. The Comptroller of Maryland also has a complete area for IFTA Compliance Manuals and IFTA Resources. 
  • NexTraq ELD Services: U.S. Compliance Services has partnered with NexTraq — a MICHELIN group company — to create an accessible GPS fleet management interface that increases productivity, helps you manage your mobile workforce and improves driver safety. NexTraq includes features that let you track service hours, worker breaks, vehicle inspection reports and roadside inspections from your smartphone or ELD. 

Benefits of Truck Compliance Services

Truck compliance services from U.S. Compliance Services take the time and guesswork out of your fleet’s registration so you can prioritize serving your customers. Using truck compliance services comes with the following benefits:

  • Save labor and time: Allow U.S. Compliance Services to help you maintain your fleet. Spend the time you used to dedicate to compliance by improving your fleet’s efficiency and productivity instead. 
  • Improve registration accuracy: With a truck compliance service, you can rest assured all of your registrations have been filed correctly.
  • Get peace of mind: You won’t need to spend time worrying when you know all your trucks are properly registered and in line with compliance laws.

Get Maryland Trucking Compliance Filing From U.S. Compliance Services

U.S. Compliance Services offers comprehensive filing assistance solutions and professional advice that allow you to easily organize your fleet’s USDOT, UCR and BOT-3 registrations all from the same interface. To inquire about our services and learn how we can help you manage Maryland truck driver compliance, contact us online today. 

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