DOT Safety Audit Support Services & Assistance for Trucking Companies


Have you received a demand letter? Are you or your trucking company facing a DOT safety audit? This can be a frightening time for your business. You may feel uncertain about if you’re prepared for a DOT audit or what you need to show you have corrected any safety violations you have been cited for. 

US Compliance Services provides assistance and support for companies facing DOT audits. We help you get ready by ensuring you have the right documents and information, and you’re fully prepared- including what to expect. We can help you prove your trucks are safe for the road and get the right paperwork filed for you while also helping to remedy any issues that may have led to the audit.

 The Benefits of Having DOT Safety Support

This may be the first time you face a safety audit. You may not know what’s expected of your company. We have been here before and can show you the way. We have led many other companies through DOT safety audits and we understand what the Department of Transportation is looking for in these situations. You want someone in your corner who is familiar with best practices in this situation. We can advise you on:

  • Demand letters: How to respond to any demand letters you receive, when to file responses and how to follow up.
  • Pre-audit review: Getting together all your records related to vehicle maintenance, driver qualification and insurance.
  • Audit assistance: Looking over your records to flag any possible issues before the audit occurs.

Haven’t Been Audited Yet? Don’t Wait – Get Assistance Now

You may not have received a demand letter or an audit notification. Good for you! But don’t let your guard down. It’s always best to be prepared as though you will be audited in the future, and that means keeping track of certain documents and filings to have on hand if that day ever arrives, to protect your drivers and your company.

You should be tracking information such as:

  • Driver testing for drugs and alcohol
  • Accident register
  • Service records, such as logs and HOS times

You can’t afford to have your DOT number suspended. Put our expertise in DOT safety audits to work for your company to get DOT audit support, get assistance and be prepared. Contact US Compliance Services today for more information about how to properly organize your records and stay within compliance in the future.