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Owning and managing a fleet in Oregon comes with many responsibilities. Encouraging driver safety, monitoring expenses and keeping up with vehicle repair are necessary parts of a successful business. Beyond those basic tasks, you must stay on top of Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines.

US Compliance Services can handle your compliance responsibilities. We manage your DOT and FMCSA regulation compliance to save you from fines and issues down the road. Our team keeps your business’s goals at the forefront while helping you stay within regulations. 

Advantages of Trucking Compliance Consulting

Trucking compliance services offer benefits like: 

  • More time: Our team files the forms you need and reports back to you when it’s time to file again. You’ll have more time to build your business and serve your customers. 
  • Improved transparency: We create a system you can sort through quickly. When you feel confident in your compliance, you get peace of mind and clarity. 
  • Greater accuracy: Forgetting a form or incorrectly filing your documents takes up more time and can lead to other issues. We correctly file each document and do so on time. 

Our Available Consulting Services

We offer helpful services such as:

  • DOT consulting: The DOT has a lengthy list of requirements that can be confusing at first glance. We can help you file for a new DOT number, display your registration stickers correctly and complete annual registrations to comply with DOT regulations
  • FMCSA compliance: If your company transports hazardous materials, you have to complete an MCS-90 form. We can help you file the appropriate paperwork and keep your business and drivers safe
  • ELD and ELOG services: We partner with NexTraq® to bring you a user-friendly GPS service for all fleet components, such as electronic logging devices (ELDs or ELOGs). ELOGs track your drivers’ performance and time. We ensure that every ELOG is filed and completed correctly in case of audits. 
  • DOT driver qualification: You are responsible for recording every driver’s certifications and documents, including their applications, road tests and physicals. You should be able to show this documentation at any time. We can create an organized system for each driver and file all the necessary paperwork. 

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Filing can be a simple part of your business’s operations with the right resources. US Compliance Services makes it easy to focus on your business and feel confident that you’re in compliance with the necessary codes. 

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