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At US Compliance Services, we provide services to help freight carriers with Porter Freight Funding. Our goal is to keep motor carriers like you in good standing while avoiding compliance issues with

Department of Transportation Compliance Laws and FMCSA Compliance regulations. With our transparent support, you can focus on your operations instead of on federal authorities and their complex rules.

We do more than ensure your compliance papers and registration forms are in order. While navigating paper filing and staying up-to-date with ever-changing compliance rules is a challenge, the US Compliance Services & Porter Freight Funding team recognize you need more business support. As a freight carrier, you are concerned about cash flow as well as regulations. US Compliance Services is able to offer you factoring and fuel card services to help with that, too.

Why Set up a Fuel Card Program?

A trucking company fuel card program can help your drivers save up to $0.18 for every gallon at 1,550 major truck stops and stations across the country. Given how much gas costs and how often freight fleets need to fuel up, the savings can be substantial.

A fleet fuel card program does more than offer discounts, though. These fuel cards for trucking companies also work like debit cards. They can be used for cash withdrawals, to pay for purchases at truck stops, to pay for truck maintenance and repairs and to pay drivers.

Your trucking fuel cards are set up through US Compliance Services with Porter Freight Funding, offering you up to $2,500 weekly for every truck. The program includes a mobile app to help you control costs and spending and to track and plan routes. The app also lets your drivers find the best prices on fuel in their area. With US Compliance Services, there are flexible payments and no hidden charges, allowing for better control of costs.

Fuel cards for trucking let drivers get access to ATM and to the account 24/7, offering an extra layer of protection for your fleet. Your drivers can spend when they want to or when they encounter an urgent issue, without you having to review and approve every expense. At the same time, these cards come with powerful fraud prevention protocols and let you keep track of driver spending.

Why Use Factoring?

For freight carriers, cash flow can be challenging when waiting for customers to pay. You have considerable overhead costs, while some customers may have long payment terms. It's already your money when you make a delivery, so why should you have to get a loan and pay interest? With factoring, you don't have to.

Factoring means we buy your outstanding invoice and you get paid now, giving you the cash you need to realize new opportunities.

Large freight carriers can set aside portions of their considerable revenues to encourage positive cash flow. Their fleets are also always on the move, allowing more money to flow and positioning them to have the money in hand when new opportunities arise. Freight factoring lets you free up cash so you enjoy the benefits large companies enjoy, even if you have a modest fleet. It lets you access the money you are owed without a loan and without debts on your books.

With fleet factoring for trucking companies, you have the cash to pay for insurance, drivers, offices, fuel and other overhead now, even if customers take a few weeks to pay their outstanding invoices. With factoring, you always have the money to pay for another load so you can earn more. You also enjoy more peace of mind, since you don't have to worry about slower-paying customers. You get paid now and can continue to run your business while pursuing payment.

The process is simple. Complete deliveries and submit the outstanding invoices. We verify the invoices and advance you up to 97% of what you are owed quickly, usually within the same day. We then collect payment from your company, honoring the terms you have agreed to. Once the customer has paid, we send the rest of your invoice to you. We only retain the modest factoring fee, and we take care of the details so you can focus on revenue-earning activities.

Why Choose Us for Factoring?

US Compliance Services offer factoring for your business with great terms and plenty of transparency. We help you control overhead by giving you same-day funding with no hidden fees, upload costs, minimum volume charges or ACH fees. With a 97% advance rate and funding that can grow with your business, we can be your short-term or long-term solution.

Since US Compliance Services works with freight and trucking companies, we understand the needs of this market and have designed our factoring solutions to represent you. Our factoring can be adapted to your needs and includes an app which lets you control your account and upload invoices 24/7, even when you're traveling.

US Compliance Services is already trusted by freight carriers of all sizes for help with DOT and FMCSA compliance. We offer services such as support with DOT registration and audit support, filing motor carrier, UCR, BOC3, driver qualification files, changing and updating motor carrier and DOT registration, DOT physicals, IRP, biennial updating compliance audits, ELD, enrollment in drug and alcohol testing and more.

US Compliance Services is already your partner in ensuring compliance and in freeing your time and energy to focus on success. With fuel cards and factoring, we help you:

  • Save money on fuel
  • Enjoy better cash flow
  • Have access to financials to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Support your drivers with cash
  • Pay drivers and other costs
  • Have the financial position for future success
  • Save time spent on outstanding invoices
  • Get access to data about driver spending, fuel costs, invoices and more

If you're ready to take advantage of our factoring and fuel card programs, contact us at US Compliance Services to speak to a member of our team or sign up directly with Porter Freight Funding. Learn more about how these options can encourage healthy cash flow in all seasons.