Understanding Reasonable Suspicion Testing for Trucking Fleets

Semi truck driving on a wet highway with cloudy skies and text reading "Understanding Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing"

Would you be able to recognize the signs if one of your drivers showed up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol? The answer should be “yes” according to the FMCSA. In fact, if you supervise at least one driver for a company that operates CDL vehicles on public roads, you are required…

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Check Out This Tip for Hiring and Keeping Quality Drivers for Trucking

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Driver shortages. High turnover rates. These issues are making it increasingly difficult for carriers to hire and maintain drivers. Many companies find themselves in a constant time-consuming and expensive hiring cycle to keep their vehicles on the road.  Companies have approached this issue by raising their pay and / or offering sign-on bonuses. This may…

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Understanding Post-Accident Testing Procedures for Trucking Companies

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As a carrier, you hope that you will never come across a situation where you driver has been in an accident. Nevertheless, it is important to be prepared should that unfortunate situation ever arise. While there are probably many concerns that you will have in the event an accident ever does occur, one concern that…

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How to Maintain Compliant Trucking Driver Files

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In order to maintain compliance with Regulation Part 391, there are several key items in your Driver Qualification file that must be regularly maintained and updated during each driver’s tenure with your company. Medical Certificates Before operating a CMV, all drivers must submit to a medical evaluation by a DOT-certified physician. Drivers are also expected…

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Top Roadside Inspection Driver Violations for Truckers

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Over 60,000 vehicles were pulled to the side of the road and inspected throughout North America last June. Of that number, almost 30% were put out of service! That is almost triple what it was just a few years ago. Even worse, over a third of these could have been prevented with a simple Motor…

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Most Common Driver Qualification Violations for Truckers

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There are many steps that go into the creation and maintenance of DOT driver qualification files. And if the FMCSA violation data is any indicator, it’s a process that many carriers are struggling with in the course of their operation. Here are 4 of the most common Driver Qualification violations – and the steps you…

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Guide to Roadside Inspection for Truck Drivers

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The chances are high that at one time or another during your trucking career, you’ll pull your rig into a weight station and be flagged down by the resident inspector. They’ll ask you to pull off to the side of the road, and their judgment can make or break you as a driver. These events…

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Guide to Starting a Successful Trucking Business

Starting a Trucking Business

The trucking industry plays a vital role in the U.S. economy. Across North America, thousands of companies operate on a local, regional, national and international scale, transporting goods across county, state, country and province lines. Starting a successful trucking company requires an understanding of trucks, routes, transport laws and industry patrons. Not sure if you…

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